澳门威尼斯人最新网站 河南国际将继续深入贯彻习近平法治思想,遵守国际规则和驻在国法律法规,按依法合规、守法诚信的价值观行事,以合规筑牢屏障、谋求发展、赢得未来,最大化实现社会价值,助力中原更出彩!




Statement from the Management


With the implementation of China’s Go Global Strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative, corporate compliance management has become increasingly important. Being essential for the long-term prosperity of an enterprise, Compliance reflects the core competitiveness of an enterprise and is a solid foundation for a sustainable development and growth.


40 years of overseas business experience has witnessed CHICO’s evolvement into today’s modern business conglomerate. CHICO firmly believes that compliance will continue to escort the quality development and play a bigger role in the sustainable growth in the future.


澳门威尼斯人最新网站 CHICO requires all staff to comply with laws, regulations, company policies and industry codes, and to conduct business in a compliant and an ethical manner. To better facilitate the supervision and management of its compliance work, CHICO adopts a "zero tolerance" approach towards corruption, fraud and violations of laws and integrity compliance requirements.


澳门威尼斯人最新网站 CHICO's compliance operation requires not only the proactive engagement of all staff and employees, but also the strong support and cooperation from business partners. While calling upon business partners to similarly uphold the high ethical and compliance standards, CHICO stands ready to join hands with them for common development in a legally compliant business fashion.


On the way forward, CHICO will fully implement President Xi Jinping's Thought on the Rule of Law, continue to follow international rules as well as the laws and regulations of the host countries. Acting on the values of legal compliance and integrity, CHICO remains committed to leveraging the strength of compliance to safeguard business operations hence realizing a healthy, resilient and sustainable development.

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